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Getting “Dollar Shave Clubbed”: How Natural Brands’ Search Dominance Is the Trojan Horse for Mass Brands

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Improve Loyalty on My Brand
Building Loyalty with More Consumer Engagement
Understand How Consumers Are Responding to The New Launch
Leveraging Machine Learning to Get Early Indicators What’s Working/Not Working with A New Launch
Gather Insights on Competitive Launches from Consumers
Using AI to Track Consumer Reaction to Competitive Products
Uncover Unmet Needs
Mining Reviews with Machine Learning to Extract Unmet Needs
Rapidly Respond to Reviews
Better, Faster and More Cost Effective Way To Respond To Reviews
Generate New Reviews
Generate New Reviews to Drive SEO And Consumer Engagement
Stepchange My SEO With the Right Econtent
Use Advanced Word Algorithms to Extract Those Right Econtent Words Based on Real Consumer Language
Aggregate Reviews into A Response Board
Respond to Your Own Reviews More Efficiently
Train My Customer Service Reps on Best-In-Class Responses
Training from Recognized Expert In Review And Social Responses To Drive More Brand Engagement

Service-Based Brands

Get more reviews for your location/service to drive SEO.  Mine reviews for unexpected, actionable and custom insights to improve operations at scale.

Rapid response to reviews to fuel sales.

Product-Based Brands

Get actionable insights on your brand & competition – claims, drivers, right eContent, etc.

Rapid response on eRetailer platforms to reviews to drive SEO & sales.

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