Why Employers Need to Make it a Priority to Respond to Online Employee Reviews

Online Reviews are Important, Especially When It Comes to Employer Reviews.

Most business owners can attest to the critical role that reputation management plays in attracting new customers.

Increasingly, business owners have adopted strategies to not only generate more online reviews of their product or services, but also respond to customers. But what about attracting new talent? It’s important that any company committed to welcoming the best and brightest have a handle on their online reputation. That’s where sites like Glassdoor or Indeed come in. Glassdoor and Indeed can be vital to not only enticing new employees but also ensuring the dedication of the talent you already have. To do this, employers need to monitor, reflect upon, and respond to these “public billboard” employee reviews.

Think of sites like Glassdoor and Indeed as Yelp for Internal Customers. These sites are a spot for transparency, for current and former employees to feel comfortable posting anonymously about the culture, salary, workload, etc. of companies. They’re a great resource for employers to use in an effort to confirm they’re meeting their employees’ needs.

mobile agent glassdoorAnd more and more, job seekers are turning to Glassdoor and Indeed to find a company that aligns with their needs.

In fact, Indeed has 200 million monthly visitors while Glassdoor has more than 30 million monthly users. Between the two of them, they make up roughly 80 – 90 percent of employer reviews.

Ignoring those reviews could mean you miss out on the best talent. CareerArc found that nearly 75 percent of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before they even apply for a job. The same CareerArc study confirmed that these employer reviews carry weight when it comes to your brand

Only 21 percent of candidates would apply to a 1-star rated company and just over 30 percent would apply to a 2-star company.

As you look to recruit new talent and retain your current talent, there are a couple things you can do.

First, it’s important to respond to reviews, both the positive and the not so positive. Indeed and Glassdoor are sometimes the first impression a candidate has of a company. Think of the impression it will make if they see that the employer has taken the time to give a personal acknowledgement of all of the reviews posted. 62% of job seekers say their impression of a company improves when they see employers responding to reviews.

Make sure you respond to the positive, the neutral, and – yes – even the negative.

The reality is that no employee is going to be happy all of the time, and you will receive negative reviews. Every prospective employee understands this fact; however, ignoring the negative reviews doesn’t make them go away. Responding to them in a timely, calm and professional manner can improve your standing. In fact, two thirds of Glassdoor users agree that their perception of a company improves after seeing a response to a review, according to a study conducted by HR media company HRO Today and the global recruitment firm Cielo.

Second, take employee satisfaction seriously. Monitor your reviews and glean what you can from your current and former employees. Leverage dashboards to easily aggregate concerns so you can learn what’s working and what’s not, and can make needed adjustments. If you see trends in employee dissatisfaction, now is the time to fix it!

According to a study by CareerArc, only 57 percent of employers say they have an employer brand strategy, despite the fact that more than 90 percent of candidates pursue at least one resource to evaluate an employer’s brand before applying for a job. Not only that, but your reputation may have broader implications. 64 percent of respondents to CareerArc noted they have switched brands or stopped purchasing products from companies who are tainted by news of poor employee treatment.

In short, ignoring online employee reviews is no longer an option if you want to recruit and retain top talent.

Whether you dedicate someone on your team to respond, or leverage a dedicated third party of trained representatives to do it for you, the time to engage with employees on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed is now.

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