Study by Suzy Confirms 2.5% Increase In Purchase via Online Review Responses by Mobile Agent Now

Suzy, a leading digital research firm, analyzed Mobile Agent Now’s impact on consumer purchase intent. The findings – Mobile Agent Now drives a 2.5% increase in purchases.

Mobile Agent Now is a Cincinnati-based tech startup that provides companies with an on-demand, performance model for responding to online reviews.

The Suzy study reported:

Measure the impact on purchase in a controlled fashion (without the noise of market conditions changing) of responding to online reviews via Mobile Agent Now and not responding.

With a base size of 750 users who were online buyers, we measured the purchase intent with a subset of buyers that had reviews for an umbrella but no responses. With another subset of buyers, we asked buyers to review reviews for that same umbrella with the same pricing but now with responses. In this case, the platform of choice was Amazon.

Review responses from Mobile Agent Now drove a 2.5% increase in purchase! For Mobile Agent Now, what that means is that they now have a very easy-to-understand question to ask potential clients: how big is your Amazon business? To which the follow-up comment is: how would you like a $x increase in business (2.5%)? Those are very actionable insights for any company – start-up or enterprise.

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