One Tap Review Response Portal

Our self-service portal allows you to monitor and respond to reviews in one dashboard inhouse at a better value and faster than other services.

Review Dashboard

Mobile Agent Now’s One Tap Review Response Portal aggregates reviews from anywhere your customers are leaving them, and pulls them into an agile, easy-to-navigate dashboard. This enables you to save time and focus on the quality of response.

How it Works:

The One Tap Review Response Portal’s technology aggregates your customer’s reviews into one convenient dashboard, affording you ease to monitor and respond to reviews in-house. This allows you to save time and person-hours, and ensures your team won’t miss any important customer feedback.

What It Means For You

Time Saved

All of your reviews are pulled into a dashboard, so you don’t have to waste time pecking at various sites – that’s hours of time saved.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Mobile Agent Now has the unique capabilities to pull from both DTC and third-party sites, so you never miss a review.

Speed of Response

By aggregating the reviews and notifying you of them quickly, your team is able to respond more rapidly to new reviews vs searching for them.

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