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Opportunity: Millions of online customer reviews go unanswered despite the fact that customers increasingly expect responses. Companies that do respond can expend ~ 1/3 of their resources dedicated to their customer experience, but most large companies cannot afford that cost or headcount.


Mobile Agent Now guarantees quality review responses to your brand’s reviews faster and at a better value.

How it Works

Unlike review aggregation services, Mobile Agent Now is an extension of your brand by responding to reviews on your behalf. We pre-qualify our mobile agent’s through a series of writing and empathy assessments.

Agents then undergo thorough training both on review responses and on your brand.

Our unique model incentivizes agents for speed and quality. Every response then must be approved by a quality assurance checker – a person – to ensure the highest caliber responses.

What It Means For You

Higher Sales and SEO.

Review responses drive higher sales – a 7:1 ROI – and higher SEO. On Amazon, brands that respond to reviews have an 11% higher organic search ranking.

Faster Responses.

Our agents are alerted when a review is posted. The first agent to claim it and respond gets paid. This ensures a response in hours rather than days 24/7/365.

Quality Responses to 100% of Reviews.

Our agents are college-educated and vetted for writing skills.  All reviews then go through a quality assurance check – a person – to make sure your customers receive a superior response.  Agents never response natively in the review platform, which ensures another step of quality.  Mobile Agent Now has responded to thousands of reviews without any issues.

Better Value.

We only pay our agents per response, which means you’re not paying for an agent to wait around for a review. And because Mobile Agents are not sitting in an office that means that you don’t extra pay for unnecessary overhead, That means Mobile Agent Now can provide better value to you than answering reviews in-house or having an agency respond to them.

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