FAQs for Brands

Common questions and answers about working with Mobile Agent Now to manage your online reviews.

Working as an agent with Mobile Agent Now gives you the flexibility to work as many (or as few) hours as you want, from anywhere, and for the brands you like the most.

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Quality Control

How do you ensure quality responses?

We place the utmost importance on quality control and ensuring that your brand is represented professionally online. We do this by:

  • Employing full-time staff dedicated to quality control and training.
  • Developing training protocols (with brand input) that each agent must complete before responding to reviews.
  • Rating the response times and quality of responses in order to filter requests to the highest-performing agents.
  • Utilizing a manual review and approval process for new agents and for new brand engagements.
  • Leveraging filtering technology to flag and stop responses with banned/prohibited terms.
How can I monitor the service and responses?

Brands are provided with real-time dashboards for monitoring all communications and posts. We also provide detailed monthly reporting and dashboards to keep you apprised to the success of the program.

What if there is a response I do not like?

We work with brands to establish the initial guidelines for agent responses. However, these settings can be adjusted at anytime to filter responses that contain words, phrases, or grammar you wish to exclude.

How do I train the Mobile Agents on my brand?

Once you are a registered client then you will have a Client Portal. The portal provides a place for you to upload any brand-specific materials your agents will need. For example, this could be brand guidelines, tone of voice, or simply a sales deck. It could also be your policies on things like returns or refunds. This is the material that will be used to train agents on your brand.

How frequently do I get reports and what do they look like?

Once a month you will receive a report and/or update dashboard of data. This includes the total number of reviews across different platforms, the percent responded to, the average rating, sentiment analysis, etc. We also offer more custom analysis of your reviews e.g. deep-dives into trends and top drivers.

What kind of vetting do you do of the Mobile Agents?

Every agent needs to pass through three steps in order to qualify as a Mobile Agent. First, they need to submit a written assessment and pass a grammar test. This ensures that they can actually write – the most important skill set. Second, they are trained on how to respond to reviews and social media comments, after which they take another written assessment of their ability to respond to reviews. If they pass those two phases then they are trained on any specifics relative to your brand.

How do you make sure the responses are quality?

In addition to the vetting process above, every response goes through a QA Czar – a person (not a machine/bot) who reads through the review not only for spelling, but more importantly to make sure that the issue at hand was addressed. This gives the QA Czar the opportunity to send it back to the agent to tweak the response and coach the agent on a better response, or approve the response. This ensures that every single response is of the highest quality. Mobile Agent Now has responded to thousands of reviews and social comments on behalf of clients and has had zero quality issues.

Our Services

What services do you offer?

Our core service is the Mobile Agent Now on-demand review response platform. Other services include:

  • Connect Now. Licensing of the Mobile Agent Now platform for brands who are restricted to using an in-house team of agents. Utilize our platform for better review management and reporting.
  • Review Us. Web-based tools and email marketing services for soliciting customer reviews.
  • Early Warning. A data analysis tool that identifies positive, or negative, review trends and enables companies to prepare for shifts.
  • Deep Dive. Predictive analytics from a PhD team that deliver enterprise-level insights.

Costs & Billing

How much does Mobile Agent Now cost?

Mobile Agent Now has a variable cost model. Broadly speaking that means we offer multiple options for clients that get as few as 15 or less reviews/comments per month all the way up to more enterprise clients with thousands of reviews per month. For smaller clients, we also offer the ability to install a bot on your social media page and drive traffic/reviews to your site. Those types of custom programs are a great way to drive more reviews and thereby traffic for clients with fewer reviews per month. Under any scenario, Mobile Agent Now is much more competitive than responding to these reviews/comments in house or farming it out to an agency.

How is it that Mobile Agent Now can offer more competitive rates?

Mobile Agent Now’s business model is unique in that the company is not paying for overhead: all agents are virtual, which means they are not sitting around in an office park waiting for a customer to post a comment or review. What that means is that clients are therefore not paying for utilities, maintenance on a building or the cost of idle time (the time when agents are sitting around doing nothing because there is nothing to respond to online).

How does billing work?

Mobile Agent Now asks for the first month to be paid immediately prior to work. The client will then be invoiced monthly through the Client Portal. Automatic payments can be set up, and Mobile Agent Now can also take lump sum payments as well to minimize transaction costs.

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