FAQs for Agents

Common questions and answers about working with Mobile Agent Now.

Working as an agent with Mobile Agent Now gives you the flexibility to work as many (or as few) hours as you want, from anywhere, and for the brands you like the most.

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The Application Process, Residency & Other Requirements

How long does the application process take?

The application process takes only a few minutes to complete. It consists of three parts: (1) after signing in via a social media account, you need to fill in some basic information about yourself; and complete an online written assessment – this lets both of us see if this will be a something that is right for you – this will take less than 5 minutes; (2) Go through a quick, five-minute application process to make sure you understand the privacy policy and terms of service for agents; (3) complete an online training on how to properly respond and on the brand on whose behalf you will be responding – this will take less than one hour. How a brand responds to reviews and comments varies so we want to make sure you are properly trained (even once you get through this, there will be other resources). Once you have gone through those three sets then you are set to put in your payment method in a secure third-party site so we can pay you. Assuming you want to get paid, of course.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen or legal resident of the United States?

Yes, you do have to be a legal resident of the United States.

Is there an age requirement?

Independent contractors for Mobile Agent Now must be at least 17 years of age.

Can I work from home?

You can work from wherever you want.  You can respond via your mobile phone, desktop or tablet from wherever you want – your home, an office space, on a bus or train, etc.  Just make sure you have a strong internet connection.

Can I live in Canada or other countries?

At this time, we are only using U.S. employees.  When we expand outside of the United States, we will open it up to residents of other countries to respond to reviews or social media comments in other countries.

The Process of Being a Mobile Agent Now

How much time do I have to respond once I indicate that I want to answer a review or comment?

From the moment you start responding to a review or comment, it gets pulled from the queue for other Mobile Agents.  But you only have 10 minutes to respond to the review once you claim it.  This provides enough time to not feel rushed or to pull any necessary information from our “research center” to answer the issue at hand. After that, the review is put back into the queue for another agent to claim.

What happens if I realize I can’t answer the review or comment after starting?

It’s very simple; you just reassign the review or comment so it goes right back into the queue.  You’re not ‘dinged’ for that.  Sometimes that happens to us all – a false start – and we want to make sure you’re comfortable responding.

Why do you put responses through a quality filter?

Of course we trust our Mobile Agents Now, but we also want to make sure that the quality of responses are nothing short of the most professional and spot on for the customer.  After you submit your response, we do a quick check of it to ensure that not only are there no grammatical errors, but also that the response is accurate and inline with the Brand’s guidelines.

Hours & Money

How do I get paid with Mobile Agent Now?

As a Mobile Agent Now, you get paid by the response.  So for every response you provide you get paid.  That’s why it’s so important to respond – other agents will be trying to respond quickly.  But remember our customers want quality responses; it’s not just about speed.

What is the method by which I get paid?

Mobile Agent Now uses Stripe – a third party service that is recognized as a leader in payment for services.  We direct you to their site, where you put in your information.

How much is the pay?

Mobile Agents get paid by quality response.  So if you don’t respond then you don’t get paid.  For each response you get paid $1.  So if you respond to 10 comments/reviews in an hour or day then you’ll get paid $10. It’s simple, but that’s not all. Meaningful incentives on a sliding scale can be achieved when you have consistent quality responses.

How often do I get paid?

Agents are paid twice a month, on the 15th and the final day of the month.  Whether you respond to 2 or 200 reviews or social media comments in that time period, you will get paid for those responses via Stripe.

Are there set hours that I need to work?

No.  You set the hours that you want to receive notification of reviews or comments.  For example, if you know that you can only respond between the hours of 5-7pm (after your day job and before dinner) then that’s fine.  And it’s easy to adjust that or put in different hours by day of the week.

Are there a minimum number of hours that I need to work?

No.  You can work as many or as few hours as you want.  Recognize that the fewer hours you work then the fewer responses you will have the opportunity to respond to, so that will impact your pay.  But it depends on what you want out of it: a little extra $ on the side or a more full time gig.  Either works to be a Mobile Agent Now.

Contract Terms

If I am unable to respond to comments then will I lose my status?

While there is no minimum response required, if there is inactivity for an extended period of time that could impact Mobile Agent Now renewing your contract.

Can Mobile Agent Now terminate my contract?

An agent’s Independent Contractor Agreement will not be terminated by Mobile Agent Now provided the terms and conditions are fulfilled and there is no breach.  If an independent contractor breaches the terms of the agreement then Mobile Agent Now can terminate the contract at its discretion.  Mobile Agent Now is not required to renew the Independent Contractor Agreement when the contract term ends.

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