Mobile Agent Now is at the leading edge of on-demand review management service, providing a platform approach for brands that is revolutionizing engagement across the spectrum of commerce.

The mobile revolution has come to review and social media management – finally.

Other Industries Have Been Disrupted

Uber upended the taxi industry because it was inefficient and a poor consumer experience.  Airbnb upended the hotel industry by enabling homeowners to turn their idle space into productive space.

Mobile Agent Now Is About to Disrupt the Customer Service Industry

Mobile Agent Now is empowering qualified agents to turn idle time into paid time thereby delivering significantly faster, quality response time at competitive rates for clients.

Our Mission

Mobile Agent Now exists to make customer service via review and social media management a delighter for customers across industries around the world.

Our Vision

Mobile Agent Now revolutionizes the way that customers interact with brands globally – delightfully meeting their needs for a rapid response to reviews and social media comments.


At Mobile Agent Now, we are guided by certain core values.

We Listen & Understand First

We ‘wow’ customers with every response by first listening.  We seek to understand their concern or comment before responding.

We Always Do the Right Thing

We live by the highest integrity, treating each other and our customers with the utmost respect, and always do what is right.

We are Authentic & Relatable

We care about real challenges our customers face and acknowledge even positive comments to build a relationship of genuine caring.  We thank all customers for taking time to provide feedback.

We are Solution Seekers

We solve customers’ issues with grace and humility – the highest of empathy.  And because we respond to even positive reviews, we reinforce our genuine interest in feedback.

Led by Experts

Exceeding customer expectations starts with a leadership team that has lived and breathed what that means, and leaders guided by core values of integrity, authenticity, empathy and humble solution seeking.

Mark Jeffreys

Founder & CEO

20+ years at Procter & Gamble and Colgate Palmolive in Brand Management and Sales.

As Marketing Director on the Gillette business, Mark reinvented the Gillette social and customer service operation, which stepchanged response time and net promoter scores.

He has seen first-hand some of the challenges of large companies in responding to customer needs, which led him to conceive of Mobile Agent Now as a means to solve meeting customer’s increasing expectations.

Christopher Brock

Chief Technology Officer

10+ years in tech, social media, and review management at large and small enterprises including at Clickable & LookSmart.

He has brought that expertise to designing a user experience that is simple and fast – enabling Mobile Agents to deliver speedy responses to customer reviews and social media comments.